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Who are we ?

Genex laboratory (created in 2012) is emerging as a leader in cosmetogenomics: a science that studies gene expression (microarray/DNA chip, RT-qPCR) in response to cosmetic products to objectify.  

For now 2 years, Genex has expanded its recognized expertise to support OMICS projects in new key markets, the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.
Genex offers services in cosmetogenomics, nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics.
Genex performs an interpretation of OMICs (transcriptomics, proteomics, miRNomes and methylomes) reliably and accuratly thanks to its unique tool PredictSearch® to identify the biological effects of ingredients/finished products. Genex helps manufacturers to innovate through a scientific watch and to identify new actives or plant extracts of interest through in silico research with its innovative ActiveSearch® tool.  

The Genex team offers custom ex vivo, in vitro and in vivo services including personalized follow-up in a step-by-step progression during the study.  

Genex laboratory and its two genomic project managers work in close collaboration with one of their partner, the BIO-EC Laboratory, experts in cosmetic efficacy tests, founded by Dr. Elian LATI, also president of the Genex laboratory.