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Genex laboratory specializes in cosmetogenomic

Based on a knowledge of several years, Genex Laboratory is specialized in cosmetogenomics: the response of genes to cosmetic products.
Today, new needs in claim substantiation studies lead cosmetic companies towards innovative assessment methods. Cosmetogenomics and its in silico tools can meet those needs.

A customized monitoring…
Genex Laboratory services include a customized follow-up of its customers in order to better respond to their requests. For example, our team will guide them through the process of designing their study.

to know everything about your product…
Our expertise brings reliable and quality answers to cosmetic companies for their efficacy and safety studies.
Our customized technologies and our innovative tools (PredictSearch™) allow us to identify all the biological activities of your products on several biological models such as human skin explants.

or to confirm your hypothesis…
Genex Laboratory offers a thematic molecular screening solution. The evaluation of the expression of genes of interest by RT-qPCR in a sought biological process is achieved through our molecular screening tool: SkinProcessFinder. This tool allows you to quickly assess the potential effects of your molecules in a sought biological process.

Our services in cosmetogenomics:
  • Large scale molecular screening: Microarray / DNA chip
  • Thematic molecular screening with SkinProcessFinder
  • Genomic data analysis with our in silico tool: PredictSearch™