- Custom service: all our projects are tailored to your needs in order to best meet the objective of the study.
- Personalized follow-up: the project manager will accompany you throughout the project to ensure constant and responsive monitoring.
- Guaranteed flexibility during the study: if necessary, the project can be realized in several successive stages, each accomplished step being validated by the customer before proceeding to the next step (GO / NO GO).

You will find in the cosmetogenomics, nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics parts, all the information concerning our expertise.


Our technical solutions provide tailor-made answers to your needs in cosmetic objectification.

  The effects of products on human skin are:
- identified through the study of large-scale gene expression (microarray, miRNA chip, methylome chip) then
- correlated with the protein evaluation through immunostaining studies.


Genex Laboratory has proprietory software:

- The analysis of expression profiles and the identification of molecular mechanisms initiated after the treatment with your active or finished products by means of a correlation tool, PredictSearch ™.
- Perform a screening based on the quantification of key gene expression (RT-qPCR) whose modulation illustrates the impact of an active at crucial points of signaling pathways involved in cutaneous physiology extracted with the help of the tool SkinProcessFinder™.
- To search in silico plant extracts or molecules of interest and to provide bibliographic research assistance for the writing of scientific articles via the ActiveSearch ™ tool.